June 04, 2014

What to do to relieve stress

Truth About Cellulite - For the stress removal keep all the things only in a manner that what you need for the job. Need to write a report? Do just that and nothing more. Do not talk on the phone; do not check e-mail, social networks and so on. If you are going to parse the mail, do not do anything else. Of course, this does not come easy, especially at first. Simplify your schedule - Busy work schedule is one of the main causes of stress.

Simply remove the part of the affairs of his life, leaving only the necessary. Learn to say "no" around unimportant or even of little importance. Of course, no one makes you do it recklessly - get rid of unnecessary cases gradually, it is still unlikely to succeed immediately. Fill in your dates only important things, leaving it free and intervals. Movement - this is life, and there is a reason this phrase.  I have had enough treatments

A simple example: if you sit constantly, you get sick. Why? Because our body - it is a dynamic system that requires movement for its optimal functioning. Virtually all tissues in the body - are the muscles in one form or another, you need to be reduced to maintain blood circulation and metabolism. Incidentally, it is best to move in nature, or as close as possible thereto.

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